SoCal EED is a new 501 (c) (3) organization, focused on creating entrepreneurial successes that lead to sustainable job creation in Southern California.

We’re approaching the high rate of startup company failure and slow job growth by facilitating regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. We also call them startup communities.

SoCal EED Entreprenurial Ecosystem


Our vision for startup communities ensures that startups have a place to create and refine their idea (Seed Accelerator) and then a place to turn their idea into a product/service and associated business (Business Accelerator).

  • Facilitating focused programs.  Includes both 90-day Seed Accelerators and business accelerators with duration of one to two years.
  • Recruiting strong mentors. We’re seeking successful serial entrepreneurs, domain experts, subject experts, service providers, investors, and business leaders committed to giving back to the community by supporting the development of new companies.
  • Building a complete Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The third element of the ecosystem focuses on working to ensure that sufficient commercial real estate and an established community of mentors are available for companies that get their businesses beyond the startup stage.

Our goal is to foster a group of Southern California startup communities where new companies launch, remain in the region, grow their businesses, create more jobs and participate in growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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